How to Make Your Own Mini Smoke Box for an Electric Grill

November 23, 2021 3 min read

Indoor electric griddle pan

Grilled foods are superb. A smoky flavor is a real deal to most food aficionados when it comes to grilled food. While most typical grills, i.e. gas and charcoal grill, feature a smoker box as part of their design, electric grills don’t. 

Can I attain a smoky flavor on electric grills? Yes, you can make a small DIY smoker box to use on your electric grill. It assimilates a normal smoker box and delivers similar results. Other people also use smoky ingredients while preparing their food for grilling. This post addresses two key ways you can make your mini smoke box for an electric grill.  


Indoor electric grill pan


2 Ways to Make a Mini Smoke Box for Electric Grill


Use an aluminum muffin cup


An aluminum muffin cup can make a nice DIY smoke box of reasonable size to use on your electric grill. Let’s first focus on what you’ll need for this simple project as outlined below: 

  • A muffin/ cupcake disposable aluminum cup 
  • Wood chunks 
  • Water 
  • A knife
  • Aluminum foil  


The process of making a muffin cup smoke box: 

  • First, soak the wood chips in water
  • Fill the cupcake aluminum cup with the pre-soaked wood chips 
  • Add a piece of aluminum foil on top 
  • Use a knife to poke small holes on the top side of the foil to create space for smoke penetration. 

The good thing with the above kind of smoke box is its small size. Depending on the size of your grill, you can make several mini smoke boxes using aluminum muffin cups.


Use aluminum foil pockets/ pouch 


One of the common ways to make a smoker box for your electric grill is using the typical aluminum foil. It’s also an affordable alternative. Below are all the essentials you need: 

  • A roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil 
  • Presoaked wood chips 
  • A knife 


The process: 

  • Cut a sheet of foil. It should be about 8 inches in length 
  • Fold it into two halves to make a double layer. 
  • Close the bottom side of the foils. Roll it about 2 to 3 times 
  • Now close the other side by rolling about three times. 
  • And finish up by folding the other remaining side to make a pocket. 
  • Then add a handful of presoaked wood chips into the aluminum foil pocket 
  • Finally, seal the remaining open side by folding it twice. 
  • Also, don’t forget to poke a few holes on the top side of the pocket using a knife. 

Depending on the size of your electric grill, you can make as many pockets as it can accommodate. They are pretty easy to make and budget-friendly. 

In case your aluminum foil is not sturdy and extra thick, you can use a double layer to enhance its thickness. 




Can I put wood chips in aluminum foil for smoking?


Yes, you can put wood chips in aluminum foil for smoking. All you need is to place a handful of wood chips in an aluminum foil porch, fold it and poke holes. You can then place it over a grill and use it as a smoker.


What wood should you not smoke with? 


Avoid smoking with softwoods such as fir, cedar, pine, redwood, cypress, etc. It contains terpenes and sap, thus leaving your meat with a bad flavor.


Can you soak wood chips in whiskey? 


Yes, you can soak your wood chips in almost any liquid of your choice. It depends on the exact flavor you want to impart to your food. 


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