From Rust to Robust: Re-Seasoning Your Blackstone Griddle for Optimal Cooking

September 15, 2023 6 min read

How to Re-Season Blackstone Griddle

If you're the proud owner of a  Blackstone griddle, you already know the magic it does when you cook outside. Your dependable griddle has consistently produced culinary perfection, from sizzling burgers to delicious pancakes. But your Blackstone griddle also requires some TLC, like any skilled cook. The act of re-seasoning blackstone griddle, which you can learn to do, not only prolongs the life of your grill but also improves the flavor of everything you cook on it. We'll go through what, why, and how to reseason your Blackstone griddle in this article to ensure it stays your dependable cooking partner for years to come.

What Seasoning Is All About

Certainly, here is a table summarizing the significance of seasoning for a griddle:

Benefit of Seasoning


Rust Prevention

Seasoning creates a protective layer of oil or fat on the griddle's surface, preventing rust by blocking oxygen and moisture contact with the metal.

Improved Non-Stick Surface

Seasoning results in a smooth, non-stick finish on the griddle, reducing the likelihood of food sticking and tearing when flipping, ensuring perfectly cooked items.

Better Taste

The layers of seasoning contribute to a subtle depth of flavor in your dishes. Oils and fats from previous meals infuse each new dish, enhancing its taste profile.

Easy Cleaning

A well-seasoned griddle is easier to clean because its non-stick surface reduces the effort required to remove food residue after cooking.


Proper seasoning can significantly extend the lifespan of your griddle by protecting the metal surface and preserving its condition for many years of use.

Seasoning is not just about flavor; it plays a vital role in the maintenance and performance of your griddle, making it a key practice for griddle enthusiasts.

Why a new season?

Blackstone Griddle

Seasoning is a continuous process; it cannot be completed in one go. The seasoning of your Blackstone griddle may deteriorate over time because of heat exposure and cleaning. This justifies the necessity of reseasoning:


Regular re seasoning aids in maintaining the non-stick coating, ensuring your grill continues functioning at its peak level.


Reseasoning can help your grill regain its former brilliance if it has started to exhibit indications of rust or stickiness.

Enhanced Flavor:

By re seasoning your grill, you're giving it a new layer of flavor that will make your culinary masterpieces even more mouthwatering.


Reseasoning extends your grill's life, saving you money over time by postponing the need for a replacement.

Reseasoning a Blackstone Griddle: A Guide

Blackstone Griddle

Now that you know the need for reseasoning, let's get down to how to accomplish it. Here is a detailed instruction:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Blackstone griddle: 

Make sure the Blackstone griddle is clean and clear of dirt.

When cooking, use a high smoke point oil, such as flaxseed, canola, or vegetable oil.

For spreading the oil evenly, use paper towels or a lint-free cloth.

Safety first! Use heat-resistant gloves or tongs.

Step 2: Warm up the grill

Set your grill to high heat and turn it on. By doing so, the metal's pores will be widened and better able to absorb the oil.

Step 3: Clean the Griddle

Griddle scrapers or grill brushes should be used to remove any food residue, corrosion, or old seasoning. Forproper reseasoning, a clean surface is required from the outset.

Step 4: Apply the oil.

Wear heat-resistant gloves or tongs to dip a paper towel or lint-free cloth into the chosen cooking oil. Be mindful not to overdo it because you want a thin, even layer of oil, not a pool.

Step 5: Apply the oil.

Rub gently the griddle's whole cooking surface—including the corners and edges—with the oiled cloth. The oil will smoke and polymerize due to the grill's heat, resulting in a non-stick coating.

Step 6: Let it Smoke.

You'll see the oil burning as you apply it. This is typical and occurs during the food seasons. The grill should be smoked for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 7: Repeat the process.

It's a good idea to carry out this procedure two or three times to get a well-established seasoning. You add to the seasoning layers every time you do it and improve the grill's non-stick qualities.

Step 8: Relax.

The grill should be turned off and left to cool naturally. Letting the seasoning set is essential, so don't rush this step.

Step 9: Properly Store

When the grill has cooled, put it somewhere dry, preferably inside, to avoid moisture affecting the seasoning.

Step 10: Consistently maintain.

Every few uses or anytime you see the seasoning is fading, reseason your griddle. This will maintain the condition of your grill.

Extra Advice

Blackstone Griddle

Avoid Soap: 

Avoid using soap whencleaning your grill since it might remove the seasoning. To remove leftovers, use hot water and a griddle brush or scraper.

Scrape After usage: 

While the grill is still heated, scraping off any food residue after each usage is a good idea. This facilitates the cleaning procedure.

Use the Right Oil:

When seasoning, use oils with high smoke points since they are less prone to degrade and get sticky.

Patience is Key:

Be patient; don't rush the procedure. Although proper seasoning takes some time, increased flavor and performance benefits are priceless

Blackstone Griddle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why would you want to re-season a Blackstone griddle?

Re-seasoning a Blackstone griddle has several benefits, including preserving the non-stick surface, improving the griddle's appearance, boosting flavor, and prolonging the griddle's lifespan. 

How frequently should my Blackstone griddle be Re seasoned?

Re seasoning your Blackstone griddle is a good idea, especially if you see the seasoning fading. Re seasoning is a good idea after a few usages or as necessary to preserve performance.

 Which kind of oil do I need to use while re-seasoning?

Oils with high smoke points, such flaxseed oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil, are the ideal choices for re-seasoning since they are less prone to deteriorate and get sticky when exposed to high heat.

Can I clean my griddle with soap after re-seasoning?

In general, it's advised against using soap to clean your griddle after re-seasoning since it might wash away the seasoning. Instead, clean the griddle with hot water and a griddle scraper or brush.

How often should I perform the re seasoning procedure to create a strong seasoning layer?

To create a thick seasoning layer, it's best to repeat the re-seasoning procedure two or three times. You build up the seasoning layers and enhance the griddle's non-stick properties each time you do it. 

What use does it serve to let the griddle naturally cool after re-seasoning?

After re-seasoning, allowing the griddle to cool naturally enables the seasoning to properly set. Rushing through this process might lead to an uneven or ineffective seasoning coating. 

When my griddle has been re-seasoned, can I keep it outside?

After re-seasoning, it's recommended to store your griddle somewhere dry, ideally indoors, to avoid having moisture impact on the seasoning and the griddle's general condition.

What are the signs that my Blackstone griddle needs re-seasoning?

If your griddle starts to show uneven coloring, has areas where food sticks more than usual, or displays any signs of rust, it's likely time for re-seasoning.

Can I use any type of oil for re-seasoning?

While the article mentions high smoke point oils like flaxseed, canola, or vegetable oil, it's essential to avoid oils with low smoke points, such as olive oil, as they can become sticky and may not provide an effective seasoning layer.

How often should I clean my Blackstone griddle?

It's best to clean your griddle after every use to prevent food residue buildup. Regular cleaning ensures the longevity of the seasoning and the griddle itself.

Is there a difference between the first-time seasoning and re-seasoning?

First-time seasoning is done on a brand-new griddle to prepare it for cooking. Re-seasoning is the process of refreshing the seasoning layer on a used griddle to maintain its performance.

Can I use my Blackstone griddle immediately after re-seasoning?

It's recommended to let the griddle cool down naturally after re-seasoning to allow the new seasoning layer to set properly. Once cooled, you can use it for cooking.

What should I do if I accidentally use soap on my seasoned griddle?

If you've used soap, rinse the griddle thoroughly with water and consider re-seasoning it to ensure the protective layer remains intact.

How can I store my Blackstone griddle to ensure the seasoning lasts longer?

Store your griddle in a dry place, preferably indoors, to prevent moisture from affecting the seasoning. Using a protective cover can also help shield it from external elements.

Are there any foods I should avoid cooking on my newly seasoned griddle? 

In the initial stages after re-seasoning, it's best to avoid cooking acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits as they can strip the seasoning. After a few uses, the seasoning will be more robust, and you can cook a wider variety of foods.


Reseasoning your Blackstone griddle is more than just routine maintenance; it's also a crucial step in developing your culinary skills. If you follow this technique, every meal you prepare on your grill will be a work of art, full of taste and texture. Therefore, remember that a well-seasoned surface is your secret to successful cooking the next time you fire up your reliable griddle. Taking good care of your grill will provide you with a lifetime of excellent food and priceless memories.

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