Eggs are usually part of many households’ breakfast. They are a good source of proteins and other vital minerals and vitamins. Cooking eggs requires you to use something flat and smooth, like a pan or a griddle.
Can you cook eggs on an electric griddle? Yes, eggs are one of the best foods you can cook on an electric griddle. Electric griddles offer even heat distribution, and eggs don’t stick on the cooking surface due to the non-stick coating. Additionally, electric griddles have a wide cooking surface, and you could easily regulate the temperatures.

Electric indoor griddle with stone coating

4 Tips for Cooking Eggs on an Electric Griddle

1. Choose fresh eggs

The very first thing you should do is to check for the freshness of eggs. There are various ways of doing it. First, shake the egg, and if the inside is calm, then it’s fresh. However, if an egg rattles, it’s not fresh.
Another way is placing an egg in a bowl or glass of water. If an egg floats, then it’s rotten, but if it sinks, it’s fresh.

2. Always preheat an electric griddle

Once your ingredients are ready, you should prepare your electric griddle for cooking. Connect it to power and set it to medium heat. Let it preheat to about 325 degrees F.
Preheating is a crucial step you should never miss while cooking most food on an electric griddle.

3. Use suitable cooking oils

Electric griddles cook at high temperatures; therefore, you need to use oil with a high smoke point. Such oils prevent food from sticking to the griddle and maintain flavor. Additionally, you need an oil that adds a nice flavor to your eggs.
Below is a list of some of the oil you might consider using:
•    Flaxseeds oil- it’s has a smoke point of 225 and stands out as the best option if you’re considering using it for seasoning an electric griddle and creating an extra non-stick layer.
•    Vegetable oils- they have a high smoke point of about 400-450 degrees F. Also, they maintain a neutral flavor.
•    Avocado oil- it has an extremely high smoke point of 520 degrees F. Above all, it adds a fruity flavor to eggs.
You can also use butter (it’s not an oil) if you want a creamy flavor in griddled eggs. Olive oil, canola oil, and sunflower seed oil have high smoke points and are also viable choices you can use on an electric griddle.

4. Decide how you want your eggs

There are various ways you can cook eggs on an electric griddle. For instance, scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, sunny-side up, omelets, etc. Each of these methods gives different results since they cook at various cook times and temperatures. Therefore, you should decide how you want your eggs on an electric griddle.
Below is the ideal cooking time and temperatures for each method of cooking eggs on an electric griddle:

Scrambled eggs

Cooking temperature- 325 degrees F
Cook time- about 2-3 minutes for two eggs. Many eggs may take relatively longer.
You need to make smooth strokes on the eggs using a spatula to make eggs curd. Ensure you cook the eggs until they are slightly wet.

Sunny-side up

Cooking temperature- 325 degrees F
Cook time- 5-7 minutes

Eggs over hard

Cooking temperature- 325 degrees F.
Cook time- 5 minutes on the first side and 3 minutes on the other side.

Eggs over medium

Cooking temperature- 325 degrees F.
Cook time- 5 minutes on the first side and 2 minutes on the second side.

Eggs over easy

Cooking temperature- 325 degrees F
Cook time- 5 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the other side.

Final Thought

Electric griddles are versatile and cook eggs in different ways. They also offer the advantage of easy heat control and a non-stick cooking surface. Nonetheless, mastering the above tips can significantly improve how you cook eggs on an electric griddle.


1) Do you have to add milk to scrambled eggs?

Adding milk to scrambled eggs is not necessary if you’re using quality eggs. However, if you like fluffier scrambled eggs, adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of milk is good.

2) Do you need to oil an electric griddle?

Oil is essential while cooking on an electric griddle. Therefore use it before you add your eggs to the griddle. Oils also add flavor to food. However, ensure you’re using oils with a high smoke point to prevent food from sticking on the griddle.

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