Tips to Make the Best Grilled Fruits on an Electric Grill

September 08, 2021 3 min read

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Electric grills are among the versatile cooking equipment. They cook a variety of foods from steaks, vegetables to fruits. Grilled fruits are full of taste, have a unique flavor, and attains a softer texture as a result of caramelization.
So, are there tips to make the best-grilled fruits on an electric grill? Among helpful tips to make the best-grilled fruits include selecting bigger chunks of fruits, properly heating the grill, and preventing your fruit chunks from sticking on the grilling grates. This post discusses these and more tips. It also answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Atgrills electric grill griddle combo

6 Tips to Make the Best Grilled Fruits

Choose ripe fruits

Choosing the fruits that have attained the right ripeness level is essential. The best fruits are those you can eat without grilling. Most importantly, such fruits should have a firm texture.
Avoid overripe fruits or those with a mushy texture. They are likely to fall apart while grilling. Additionally, avoid raw fruits if you want the best results and taste from grilled fruits.

Cut your fruits in big sizes

While some fruits such as strawberries and grapes don’t need slicing, others such as watermelons, apples, and pears should be cut into pieces. However, it’s important to cut the fruits into larger pieces. Why? Larger pieces, chunks, or slices are less likely to fall apart while cooking on the grill grates.
Small pieces can easily fall apart because they are not firm. Additionally, attaining excellent and uniform grill marks is tricky, depending on the distance between your grill grates or ridges.
However, if the available pieces of fruits are small-sized, then utilize skewers. They prevent the fruits from falling apart and enhance the easy spinning of sides while grilling.

Preheat the grill

Another tip to make the best-grilled fruits is to preheat your electric grill. Proper heat will give your fruit nice sear marks and easily caramelize the fruit. Therefore, preheat your electric grill on medium-high heat for at least 10 minutes.
Additionally, a well-heated electric grill prevents your fruits from sticking on a grill grate.
The basic rule is the hotter the grill, the better.

Consider a tinfoil

Consider using tinfoil if you feel your fruits are extremely ripe and might easily fall apart while grilling. Additionally, you can use it if you want to end up with sauces or juices from the grilled fruits.
However, tinfoil is not necessary if your fruits are firm and cut in large chunks. Using it is optional.

Coat your cut fruits with sugar, lemon juice, or cinnamon

Do you want to enhance the flavor of your grilled fruits? Consider sprinkling or brushing them with some lemon juice, sugar or cinnamon while grilling.
It’s a way of adding sweetness.

Avoid too much turning of fruits while grilling

Do you want to get nice grill marks? Then let the fruit sit on the grill for about 3 minutes over high heat without turning it. Then you can flip the food to the other side and let it cook for a similar period.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best fruits to grill?

Nearly any fruit can be cooked on electric grills as long as they are firm. Below is our list of the best fruits you can consider grilling:
• Watermelons
• Avocado
• Figs
• Pears
• Peaches
• Banana
• Apples
• Apricots
• Pineapple
• Plums
• Tomatoes
• Strawberries
• Lemon
• Bananas

2. Are grilled fruits healthy?

Grilled fruits are healthy. They have low chances of forming cancer-causing compounds while compared to meats. Additionally, it’s a healthy way to bring out an excellent flavor from the fruits.

3. Do grilled fruits taste good?

Due to the caramelization of natural sugars in the grilled fruits, they taste sweet. In addition to the sweetness, the fruits become softer.

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