What Can I Cook on a Griddle Pan?

January 02, 2023 3 min read

Pancakes with fresh fruits

Griddle pans are among the essential cookware items you should own in a kitchen.

They have a larger cooking surface area that allows you to cook a lot of foods. Additionally, they offer versatility while cooking.

So, what can I cook on a griddle pan? Griddle pans can cook a variety of foods, from pancakes, vegetables to steaks.

This article explores and outlines the best foods you can cook in a griddle pan. It also highlights some of the recipes worth trying.

What Foods can you Cook on a Griddle Pan?

Many people have known griddle pans as best for cooking breakfast meals. However, they can do more than that.

These kinds of pans are handy to cook other foods through a searing and scorching. Check out the list below.


No doubt that the flat cooking surface of the griddle pans is ideal for cooking eggs. Eggs are among the most cooked foods on these kinds of pans.

When you have a well-preheated griddle, you can cook a simple fried egg, an omelet, or scrambled eggs.

Some of the fantastic recipes on the griddle include:

1. The griddle omelet
2. Griddled cornbread with deviled eggs
3. Griddle fried eggs
4. Scrambled eggs with cheese

Fried egg on Atgrills electric griddle pan and grilled bacons on Atgrills electric grill pan


A griddle pan is all you need to make your favorite pancakes for breakfast.

Once you have your ingredients ready, the griddle pan is hot enough, and then you can start cooking. Cook until you see the bubble begins to rise and pop in about minutes.

Griddle pans make some of the best pancakes with golden color on each side.
Below is a list of recipes worth trying on your griddle pan:

1. Griddle cakes
2. Sourdough English Muffins
3. Scotch griddle cakes with honey
4. Apple griddle pancakes
5. Classic buttermilk pancakes
6. Cinnamon roll pancakes

Pancakes on Atgrills electric griddle pan and bacons on Atgrills electric grill pan


Unlike a grill pan that allows fats to drip on the ridges, griddle pans allow burger patties to cook on their own fats and juices. It leaves patties with a better flavor.

Since the patties are in full contact with the cooking surface of the griddle pan, they evenly cook, acquires a nice brown flavor, and a flavorful crust. Also, cooking burgers on griddle pans is easy and fast.

Here is our list of favorite burgers to cook on a griddle pan:

1. Classic griddle burger with sauce
2. Butter burgers
3. Cheeseburgers
4. Plant-based burgers such as the pineapple teriyaki burgers

Hash Browns

The flat cooking surface is suitable for cooking hash browns. It’s easy to flip them once one side is cooked. Also, it leaves them crispy and with a golden brown look.

Hash browns are among the best accompaniment to your breakfast foods, such as eggs.

Below are some of the recipes worth your time:

1. Hash brown casserole griddle cakes
2. Sausage stuffed hash browns
3. Griddled crispy hash brown

Grilled Cheeses

If you are looking for reliable cookware, you can cook grilled cheese; a griddle pan will do it. Its flat cooking surface is non-stick and allows easy flipping of the sandwich. It also quickly browns the bread.


Sausages are also great for breakfast, and a griddle pan will cook them effortlessly. However, you have to maintain a medium heat so that the sausages don’t get burnt on the exterior or leave the inside uncooked.


Steaks are also other foods you can cook on a griddle pan. It an easy process that needs you to preheat your griddle pan on high heat, season your steak and watch it sear on the cooking surface. It’s an excellent way to acquire a brown and crust exterior on your steak.

You can cook a variety of steaks on griddle pans. However, ensure they are thin cuts since thick steaks’ inside might not cook well.

Below are some steak recipes worth trying on your griddle pan:

1. Griddle ribeye steak
2. Griddle fried chicken
3. Griddled chicken breast
4. Chicken fajitas
5. Fish tacos
6. Griddled salmon

Salmon steak


Vegetables cooked on a griddle pan are great. They are healthy since they require little oil and cook for a short time.

Some of the best vegetables to cook on a griddle pan include eggplants, corns, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, pepper, etc.

Among the recipes you should try on your griddle pan include:

1. Fajita veggies
2. Grilled peach salad
3. Griddle eggplant pam
4. Griddle vegetable skewers
5. Griddled vegetables with feta

Grilled vegetables and fruits in a bowl

Bottom Line

There is an endless list of recipes you can cook on a griddle pan. Its flat and non-stick cooking surface area makes it easy to cook most of the foods.

It will cook your favorite breakfast meals, lunch and dinner meals. It’s versatile cookware that ought to be in every kitchen.

Check out Atgrills indoor electric grills and griddles to cook food on a cookware with natural stone coating.

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