Grilling Perfect Steaks on a Traeger Grill

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Grilling Perfect Steaks on a Traeger Grill

Grilling steak is an art that brings out the juicy flavors and tender textures that steak lovers crave. Whether you're a seasoned griller or a beginner, mastering the techniques and understanding the different cuts of steak can elevate your grilling game. This guide covers everything from the best grilling methods to the perfect cuts and seasoning tips.

Grilling Techniques

  1. Direct Grilling: This method involves cooking the steak over high heat and flipping it occasionally until it reaches the desired internal temperature (135°F for medium-rare). This technique is perfect for thinner cuts that cook quickly.

  2. Reverse Searing: Ideal for thicker cuts, this method starts with cooking the steak slowly at a low temperature using indirect heat until it is 10 to 15 degrees from the desired internal temperature. The steak is then finished over high heat to achieve a beautiful brown crust.

Best Cuts for Grilling

  • Filet Mignon or Tenderloin: The most tender cut, best cooked rare to medium-rare.
  • Flank Steak: A thin, inexpensive cut that benefits from marinating to enhance flavor and tenderness.
  • Hanger Steak: Similar to flank steak but with more fat, offering a richer flavor. Best cooked quickly over high heat.
  • New York Strip: A lean and firm cut that doesn't require marinating, excellent for reverse searing.
  • Porterhouse and T-Bone: Thick cuts that combine filet mignon and New York strip, best cooked using reverse searing.
  • Ribeye: Known for its high-fat marbling, this cut is juicy and flavorful, perfect for direct grilling or reverse searing.
  • Sirloin: A budget-friendly thick cut that benefits from marinating.
  • Skirt Steak: Long and thin, it should be marinated and grilled quickly over direct heat.
  • Tri-Tip: A well-marbled cut that cooks well with simple seasoning over direct heat.

Seasoning Tips

  • Salt and Pepper: Simple and effective, especially for high-quality cuts. Salting the steak 24 hours before cooking and refrigerating it helps the salt penetrate and the surface dry out for better searing.
  • Marinades: Great for less expensive cuts like flank and skirt steak. Marinate for at least an hour and up to 48 hours to infuse flavors and tenderize the meat.

Grilling Instructions

  • Temperature Control: For direct grilling, set your grill to at least 450°F. For reverse searing, start at 225°F, then increase to 450°F to finish.
  • Cooking Time: Direct grilling can take 5 to 15 minutes depending on the cut and thickness. Reverse searing typically takes around an hour, including both the low and high heat stages.
  • Use a Thermometer: To achieve the perfect doneness, use an internal thermometer to monitor the steak's temperature.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Boiling Steak: Never boil steak before grilling, as it results in an unappealing grey color and overcooked meat.
  • Grilling Frozen Steak: Always defrost steak before grilling to ensure even cooking and to avoid health risks.
  • Not Closing the Grill: Close the grill to maintain high temperatures and achieve a good sear.

Serving Suggestions

  • Sauces and Sides: Enhance your steak with sauces like chimichurri or compound butter. Pair with starchy sides like mashed potatoes or rice, and a vibrant salad with an acidic dressing to balance the flavors.


Grilling steak to perfection requires understanding the right techniques and cuts. Whether you prefer direct grilling or reverse searing, the key is in the preparation, seasoning, and careful monitoring of the steak's internal temperature. Follow these tips to impress your guests with a perfectly grilled steak every time.

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