Is Griddle Cooking Healthy?

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Steaks and veggies on Atgrills electric griddle

Each day people are getting more conscious of healthy eating. It includes the foods you could be eating and how it was cooked. 

Is griddle cooking healthy? Griddles are one of the healthy ways of cooking. How you cook and the types of food you cook on a griddle determines how healthy you eat. Let’s find more about the health aspect concerning griddles. 

What’s a Griddle? 

Some people tend to confuse between a griddle and a flat top. A griddle is a large flat and rectangular-shaped cooking surface designed with heat sources directly under it. Griddles are usually of two main types, i.e., traditional or electric griddles. Traditional griddles use gas as heat sources, while electric griddles use electricity as their source of heat. 

Recently more people are investing in electric griddles because of convenience and versatility in cooking. 

 Pancakes on Atgrills electric griddle

Is Food Cooked on the Griddle Healthy? 

Food cooked on the griddles is healthy. 

While cooking on a griddle, you require no or less little grease to cook. Some griddles, such as the Atgrill Electric Indoor Griddle, do not require any oils or grease while cooking. Excess oils and fats in foods are unhealthy for your body. They have non-stick coating/finish surfaces; thus, food such as omelets, burgers, vegetables, and steaks, hardly sticks.  

Also, food cooked on a griddle is healthy because it does not come into direct contact with fire flames like in the cases of traditional cooking methods such as the gas and charcoal grill. Usually, foods cooked on open flame are chemically toxic due to the smoke produced while cooking. 

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Tips that Make Cooking on the Griddle Healthier

Regardless of the cooking method used, there are a few tips you can always apply to end up with healthy foods on your plate. Below are a few tips to make the cooking on your griddles healthier. 

  • Watch out for foods with a high concentration of Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Such foods include beef and pork. The solution to this is to add vegetables and fruits to your diet. In general, you should opt for cooking healthy recipes. 
  • Use fat-free marinades in your cooking. Healthy meals should not have excess fats. If you must use the oil, limit the quantities. 
  • Use a clean griddle. There is no doubt that you will end up with unhealthy food if you are not using a clean griddle. Therefore, you ought to clean your griddle regularly and specifically after cooking. 

Steaks on Atgrills electric griddle

Bottom Line 

Griddle cooking is a healthy cooking technique that most people have embraced. You do not need oils for cooking, and your food doesn’t come into contact with direct flames that cause the formation of harmful chemicals in your foods. 

Cooking on griddles is also easier and will allow you to prepare a variety of recipes. However, you should always cook healthy recipes on your grill and observe cleanliness to promote healthy eating. Check out Atgrills indoor electric griddle to cook on a griddle with natural stone coating.


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