Difference between a Griddle and a Frying pan

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Fry pan on stove

One of the critical aspects you always consider while buying cookware and accessories are selecting the right things for the intended tasks.

Therefore, it requires you to know the differences between items. Often people confuse between a griddle and a frying pan.

They are two different cookware items, have advantages and draws backs, and are used differently.

Let’s explore how a frying pan differs from a griddle. 

What is a Frying Pan? 

A frying pan is a pan that features a round shape of 8-12 inches diameter, high edges walls, and a handle. The high walls prevent ingredients and liquids such as cooking oils from pouring.

Depending on where you come from, it has other names that still represent the same cookware. The Americans call it a skillet, while the Britons refer to it as a frying pan.

Skillet frying pan on stovetop

Frying pans are of two categories, i.e., there is a typical frying pan and a Sauté deep frying pan with a cover/lid. Additionally, some come with angled pouring spouts.

Most frying pans or skillets are made from cast iron, but you can still find some made from ceramic, steel, copper, and aluminum. In addition, they come with a non-stick coating that’s PFOA-free.

Non-stick pans enhance the ease of cooking, ease of cleaning, and require little oil to cook, enhancing healthy cooking.  

What are frying pans used for? 

Frying pans are versatile cookware because of their effectiveness in handling several cooking styles in your kitchen. Below are some uses of frying pans: 

  • Making toasted sandwiches 
  • Making pizza 
  • Roasting chicken 
  • Saute ingredients such as onions, garlic, and pepper for flavors 
  • Baking deserts 
  • Frying meat slices 

Fried rice on fry pan

What is a Griddle? 

A griddle is a plate-like cookware that takes a rectangular or square shape. Depending on the manufacturer, it can have low walls or no walls at all. However, some of the traditional versions of griddles feature a round shape. 

Usually, a griddle has a wider surface area than a frying pan and attains an even distribution of heat across the surface. Some griddles (not all) have high ridges on them that make char marks on your foods. 

Additionally, griddles are of different types: 

Electric griddles

They are highly portable and can be placed anywhere near a power outlet. They feature a heating element under the cooking surfaces. 

Gas griddles 

They are designed with burners underneath the griddle plates 

Most of the griddles are made of cast iron, cast aluminum, carbon steel, A36 steel, and chrome steel. Almost all griddles have a non-stick surface on them. 

What is a griddle used for? 

One of the reasons most people prefer griddles is their flexible nature in cooking. They can be used to cook a wide variety of foods. Below are some uses of griddle pans:

  • Cooking breakfast meals such as eggs, pancakes, etc 
  • Cooking burgers and sandwiches 
  • Cooking grilled cheese
  • Cooking steak and chicken 
  • Toasting bacon

Many people tend to love the griddles because they are easy to use and you can cook almost everything on them. Also, cleaning them is hassle-free since their plate surfaces are made of non-stick materials. 

Things even get easier with an electric griddle that you can easily control the temperatures to suit your meals. The help of a temperature controller is significant in this process. 

A griddle vs. a Frying Pan 

The key difference between a griddle and frying pan is seen in their structure and cooking methods applied while using them.

Typically, a frying pan has a round shape and raised walls, while a griddle is rectangular/square and has low /no walls.

Additionally, griddles are most suitable for foods needing high heat and fast cooking, whereas a frying pan does better with foods requiring a slow cooking process. 

These cookware items are indeed versatile in specific ways, which can still be perceived as another difference. 

Conversely, some of their similarities make several buyers confused when choosing between the two. Both offer a healthy way of cooking since less cooking oil is required in the process.

Secondly, both are easy to clean, and most products are dishwasher safe. Lastly, they all have non-stick surfaces for easier cooking, and food rarely sticks on them. 

Bottom Line 

The above guide is simple yet straightforward. It highlights the key differences between a frying pan and a griddle.

It can significantly help you decide what suits you depending on your cooking techniques and needs. 

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