Does the Food Taste Good on Indoor Grills? 

ਜੂਨ 29, 2021 3 min read

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In the recent decade, most homeowners and businesses have adopted the use of indoor grills. Consequently, it has increased the demand for electric grills, and a significant number of people have embraced them for their regular grilling needs. They are easy to heat up, offer even heat distribution, easy to use, and stress-free to clean. 

So, does the food taste good on indoor grills? Foods grilled on electric grills taste good as food cooked on other types of grills. However, the flavor is fairly different from that of charcoal or gas grills since the cooking does not involve flames and smoke. This post focuses on the taste of food on indoor grills and how you can enhance it. 

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Taste of Food on Electric Grills

The science behind the taste and flavor of foods is based on how the heat cooks foods on the grilling plate/ surface. 

In this scenario, electric grills utilize indirect heat. The heating element is located beneath the cooking surface and is responsible for heating the cooking surfaces. Conversely, a typical grill (charcoal or propane grills) uses direct heat in the form of a flame to cook foods.

Electric indoor grills cook more consistently through a slow cooking method. As a result, your foods attain a golden color brought about by the caramelizing process. However, you will not attain crustiness or smoky flavor on your food since you’re not cooking on a flame. 

One advantage of indirect heat compared to direct heat is that it cooks very well. When the temperature is well regulated, it properly cooks the interior parts of foods. 

How Do I Get a Charcoal Flavor on an Electric Grill? 

If you’re into indoor grilling and want to attain a similar flavor of outdoor food, there are several ways you can do it. Here is how you can get a charcoal flavor on an electric grill. 

1. Use of marinades and rubs 

You can always use some liquid smoke or marinades that contain liquid smoke as part of their ingredient while preparing foods you’ll be grilling. Additionally, dry rubs such as dry paprika can enhance the flavor of foods cooked on indoor grills. 

Smokey spices are also a big plus in enhancing the flavor of foods cooked on indoor grills. 

2. Use wood/ charcoal chops 

Wood/ charcoal chops also bring a flavor of charcoal flavor on electric grills. You should place the chips in a smoker box or cover them in aluminum foil. Then place them on the cooking surface of a grill. 

Woods chip can have a strong or mild flavor. Your selection depends on the exact flavor you want to achieve on your electric grill. 

We have a complete guide on how to achieve an outdoor flavor from an indoor grill. You may take a look at it for detailed tips and how to do it step by step. 


Is the food cooked on indoor grills healthy? 

Foods cooked on indoor electric grills are healthy. Such foods are not cooked with excess oils since it’s cooked on a non-stick surface. Additionally, it’s less prone to cancer-causing compounds. 

Are indoor grills better than charcoal grills? 

Selecting the best grill is based on your grilling needs. However, indoor grills have several advantages over outdoor grills. Electric grills are easy to use, easy to clean, and heat up faster than charcoal grills. Additionally, indoor electric grills feature a compact design and are lightweight, thus enhancing portability and ease of storage. 

The only downside of the electric grill is that they don’t give a smoky flavor to foods as charcoal grills do. Nonetheless, there are methods of enhancing such flavors on indoor grills, as highlighted above. 

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