How Good is Stone Cookware?

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Cookware stone coating

Stone cookware is among the oldest type of cookware ever to exist. Stone pots made of ceramic and porcelain were among the popular stone cookware thousands of years ago. This was after the invention of fire. It was used across the world, from China to Europe, before metalware was part of the new age. 

How good is stone cookware? There are several reasons that make stone cookware stand out in the cookware industry. First, it’s safe, i.e., it does not release harmful toxins while cooking, and it’s durable. Additionally, its coating is better than most non-stick coatings. This article explores why stone cookware is good and answers some of the frequently asked questions. 


Why is Stone Cookware Good? 


Here are reasons why stone cookware is good:



Quality stone cookware will last for years, yet it requires minimal maintenance. Usually, 100% stoneware or stone-coated cookware don’t peel/ chip off easily like other non-stick materials. Additionally, it’s not prone to rust problems. 

Note: You should be aware of some low-quality and cheap stone cookware in the market that easily peels off and won’t last long enough. Additionally, you shouldavoid placing hot stone cookware in cold water to prevent the formation of cracks.




Quality stone cookware is free of harmful chemicals that are likely to affect your health. Many studies have been conducted and shown dangers associated with chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium. Unfortunately, they’re commonly present in cookware coatings. 

Stone cookware is safe. However, always confirm that the stoneware or other stone-coated cookware is PFOA-free before buying.

Easy to clean 

Ease of cleaning is one factor everyone considers while buying cookware. With stone cookware, cleaning is pretty easy and straightforward. It’s due to the smooth non-stick surface of this kind of cookware. 

All you need for cleaning is a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth for cleaning. It’s that simple since food particles don’t stick on them. 

Note: regular cleaning in a dishwasher may affect the durability of stone cookware. Also, harsh detergents can easily cause fast wear of stone surface on cookware.

Exceptional cooking results

Stone cookware heats evenly and holds the heat pretty well. As a result, it cooks very well, especially when used in baking. It’s because it can withstand the high temperatures of an oven. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


1.Can I use oil in a stone pan? 


Stone pans are non-stick; thus, using oil is not necessary. However, it’s still okay to use oil on such pans if it’s part of your recipe but in minimal amounts. Among the oils to use are vegetable oils, olive oils, canola oils, or even butter.


2. How do you care for stone cookware? 


Use nylon scrappers or pads and gentle detergents for cleaning. It’s also good to allow stone cookware to cool down before cleaning.


3. Is stone-coated cookware better than other non-stick cookware? 


Cookware coated with stone is exceedingly durable and offers outstanding performance while cooking. In addition, the core metal material such as aluminum or cast iron enhances the even distribution of heat. Also, some of the non-stick coatings used nowadays are unsafe since they contain toxins, but the stone coating is safer. Lastly, cleaning stone-coated cookware is easy as cleaning any other non-stick cookware. 


4.How do I season a stone-coated pan? 

Seasoning is not necessary. However, you can do it occasionally (maybe once after six months) to maintain a stone cookware’s beautiful exterior. Seasoning should be done on clean and dry cookware only. 

Start by rubbing a tablespoon of canola oil, grapeseed oil (or any other cooking oil with a high smoke point) all over the surface of your pan. Then heat the pan for about 40 seconds and remove it from the stove. Allow it to cool down before using a paper towel to wipe the excess oil on the pan. Now, the stone cookware is ready for storage.


5. Is marble cookware good?

    Marble is made from natural stones. For many years marble stone cookware stands out as one the best cookware. It’s safer than most non-stick cookware. Also, it heats fast and evenly distributes the heat. 

    However, marble cookware can easily get scratches and stains; thus, it needs extra care while cleaning. Like other stone-derived cookware, it’s not good to clean it with steel wool or in a dishwasher. 


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