Hisencn Stretchable Charcoal Tray 15-28 inches for 47183T-21 PS9900, Black High-Temperature Coating Charcoal Basket for HC4518L PS9500 8500 6800 6500 SH19030119 SH19030219 SH9916 Replacement Parts

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Brand: Hisencn

Color: Black


  • 【Ultimate High-Temperature Durability】- Our high-temperature powder-coated stainless steel charcoal tray is meticulously designed to withstand extreme heat, remaining unbent and unaltered. Whether it's intense grilling or prolonged smoking, it's up for the task.
  • 【Three Mainstream Modes】- Our charcoal pan boasts an extensive range, with a minimum length of 15.15 inches and a maximum length of 28.74 inches, all with a width of 12.91 inches. It seamlessly accommodates three different mainstream grill sizes on the market, including Pit Boss Memphis I (perfectly compatible): 15.11 inches × 12.91 inches, Expert(XG1910200103): 20.47 inches × 12.91 inches, Expert Grill Heavy Duty 32 inch Charcoal Grill, and Chargriller 2190: 27.75 inches × 12.91 inches. The width can exactly fit Memphis. For other models, this tray's width cannot be fully covered but can be adapted to use.
  • 【Compatible with a Variety of Grill Models】- The charcoal tray's width does not hinder its use on these grills; it can be effortlessly adjusted to fit various models, including Pit Boss Memphis I, Expert 24, Chargriller 2190, PS9900, 47183T, PS9500, 6500, 6800, 8500, SH5000, SH7000, SH9916, HC4518L, SH19030119, SH19030219, SH9916, and more. It is also compatible with the original Smoke Hollow models such as 47183T, 47183T-21, 47183T-21-R, and Nexgrill 810-0029, 29 in Barrel Offset charcoal smoker and grill.
  • 【Smooth Expandable Design】- The unique expandable design ensures smooth extension and retraction of the ash pan, making transitions effortless. You can easily switch between different grilling modes and let your creativity flow.
  • 【Convenient Handles】- The charcoal tray comes equipped with convenient handles, making it easy to carry and maneuver. You can effortlessly move it to your desired location, turning charcoal refilling into a simple task. Enjoy the convenience of outdoor grilling.

Part Number: BA-SH7000-TP

Details: Hisencn Stretchable Charcoal Tray 151-287 inches for 47183T-21 PS9900, Black High-Temperature Coating Charcoal Basket for HC4518L 8500 PS9500 SH19030119 HC4518L SH19030219 6500 SH9916 6800 Grill Replacement Parts

Package Dimensions: 17.1 x 15.0 x 5.2 inches