Most Common Blackstone Griddle Problems and How to Solve Them

January 18, 2023 5 min read

Blackstone Griddle Problems

Blackstone griddles are the best in the industry but you may encounter issues when using them. The products are strong enough so you do not have to worry if your Blackstone griddle has some problems. Blackstone griddles are affordable, durable, and efficiently cook food. 

This troubleshooting guide will help you identify the common issues and tips on how to avoid those problems and how to handle them if they happen. In this article, you will know about the problems with Blackstone griddles and their solutions.

Blackstone Griddle Problems

Blackstone griddles are loved by all but there are some common issues that you may face with the products. Let’s know about problems and troubleshooting tips. 


Rusting of griddle top is a common problem. Worry not, as this issue can be easily tackled. If you see rust on the griddle top then do not get upset because your grill will be all right. The major issue arises when you do not deal with rust as soon as you see it. 

Causes of rusting

Some of the common causes of rusting are placing the griddle without its cover, exposure to moisture, cooking acidic foods, keeping the griddle in contact with steam, not drying the grill, and not seasoning before using it.

Tips to avoid rusting 

  • Always store the griddle in a dry and cool place
  • Season after every use from the first time use
  • Apply a layer of oil on the surface 
  • Protect it from humid conditions
  • Use cover when you do not use a griddle


Blackstone griddles are made of steel and similar to other metals, steel contracts and expands on cooling and heating. This causes warping especially when you cook for the first time on a new griddle but it is temporary and the issue resolves when you cook further.

You need to cook frequently to get familiar with contraction and expansion. Warping destroys the grilling experience and if it persists for a long time you need to replace the top. 

Causes of Warping

Major causes of warping include extreme and uneven heating and extreme temperature change.

Tips to Avoid Warping

Make sure to use all burners while cooking so that the temperature on the cooktop remains constant. Uneven temperature causes warpage. Using one or two burners can cause severe warping so even when you cook a small meal, turn on all burners or use a skillet.

Make sure the griddle fits the stove properly. When burners heat the cooktop non-uniformly some areas of the grill wrap.

Do not over high temperatures when cooking frozen food. Never pour chilled water on an extremely hot grill as this causes a sudden change in temperature which can be intolerable for a griddle. Never heat large water pots as it behaves as a heat sink and draws an excessive amount of heat which results in warping. 

Preheat the grill gently and evenly. Once it is done, the temperature maintains for a longer span. You can do it by initially setting the heat to low and increasing the temperature gradually to the required level. You can efficiently control the heat by starting the heat slowly. Moreover, do not overheat.


When the cooking surface peels off it is called flaking. This can ruin your cooking experience as you may find metallic pieces when enjoying the food. Flaking is normal when you do not season the griddle properly. If you understand the way of seasoning well, then flaking is impossible. So it is important to prevent flaking instead of dealing with the issue. 

Causes of flaking

When you do not season the griddle in the right way that flaking can occur. Never allow grease to build up on the flat-top surface. This is because grease sticks and hardens over time which destroys the smoothness of the surface causing flaking. Moreover, the use of a scrapper causes scratches that result in flaking.

Tips to Avoid Flaking

Always clean the new griddle before starting cooking as it helps in removing germs, dirt, and debris. Flaking makes the surface rough so a layer of oil will help in keeping the surface smooth.   You can use Olive oil, Peanut oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, and Canola oil for seasoning as these oils have high-smoking points. Frequently re-season your griddle once every 15 days. Make sure to gently use the scraper as it can cause scratches. Once the grease is disposed of, wipe the griddle using a soft cloth. 


There are many times when the griddle’s top is rough but don’t worry as scratches are in the seasoning layer and do not impact the performance. You can easily and quickly deal with scratches. If you season the griddle after every use, scratches disappear quickly. Deep scratches take more time to fix and you need to season the griddle cooktop several times. 

If the scratches are extremely bad then you should return it for sure. Chips, scratches, and dents are not that important and can be resolved with seasoning but it does not mean that you use the defective or damaged product. 

Prevention from scratches on a griddle

Even if you are using adequate utensils, it is possible to have scratches in the seasoning layer. This can be prevented by using a griddle carefully and gently using a scraper on the surface. Also, when you use metal spatulas for cooking, make sure to do it gently without force. Never use harsh detergents, brushes, and pads when cleaning the griddle. 

The griddle not getting hot

Sometimes your  blackstone griddle does not get hot enoughand there are several reasons behind it such as:

Issue with Igniter 

The igniter lights the burner and when it does not work it cannot light the burner and thus griddle will not heat up. You should check the battery and if an issue does not fix you need to replace the igniter. 

Weather conditions

Winter is perfect to cook food outdoors but the griddle does not heat up properly during colder weather as compared to warmer months. This happens because cold air cools down the cooktop. Propane vaporization is difficult in cold weather conditions.  Wind can also blow the flame and the burner cannot light properly for long so the griddle does not heat up. 

Issue with Regulator

The regulator controls the propane flow to the griddle and a faulty regulator cannot do its work. Inappropriate propane flow cannot heat the griddle properly. Reset or replace the regulator if required.

An issue with the Air gate 

The Air gate controls airflow into the burner and if it is not opened then oxygen flow restricts to the burner and the griddle does not heat up easily. Make sure to open the air gate enough to solve this issue. 

You can make the griddle hotter by following:

  • Turning on all the burners as attaining high temperature is difficult by using one or two burners.
  • The regulator, air valve, and igniter should work properly.
  • Use a windshield to prevent the griddle from wind

Final Words

Seasoning is a key to maintaining the Blackstone griddle. Always clean your griddle after cooking and wipe it properly. Seasoning is like medicine to the griddle and saves you from troubles so you can enjoy the cooking experience.

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