6 Best Practices to Keep Your Blackstone Griddle from Rusting

September 18, 2023 6 min read

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Modern cookware is the need of the hour when it comes to contemporary culinary creation.

Therefore, Blackstone Griddles makes the best choice for making weekend sizzling steaks to the Wednesday fragrant fried rice.

Keeping them clean is tedious because they are durable, heat evenly, and have a robust outlook. 

If you are also a consistent Blackstone Griddle user, you might be juggling how to keep Blackstone from rusting.

Well, guess what? We've got you covered with amazing tips and tricks to enhance your griddle surface longevity and efficiency by keeping the rust at bay. 

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Why Do Blackstone Griddles Rust?

It's important to know the problem before moving forward to the possible solutions. Blackstone, being made of iron, is prone to corrosion.

The natural chemical reaction between iron, water, and environmental oxygen causes rusting. 

Although Blackstone Griddle plate comes with a protective coating, they are still vulnerable to rusting if:

  • Constant interaction with water splashes on the counter brown surface. 

  • Winter weathering due to the morning dews on the cooking surface. 

  • Unnecessary exposure of grill stone to heat, moisture, and food.

  • Improper cleaning of food residues from griddle plates. 

Regardless of the season, natural corrosion will always find its way to coat a thin layer. So, a better strategy is to look for ways to prevent rust from the Blackstone griddle's surface. 

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How to Keep Blackstone from Rusting?

Removing rust from a Blackstone griddle is a common problem resulting from negligence, such as keeping it outside in rainy weather, under direct sunlight, or not cleaning it after use. The good news is that you can now remove rust from your griddle plate by a few steps.

How to Keep Blackstone from Rusting

A better approach is to keep medium grit wet to prevent griddle rust in the first place. Use the seasoning technique with olive oil to keep the medium grit on a non-stick surface.

Get hands-on materials such as heat-resistant gloves, paper towels, cooking oil, and air and water-resistant covers to start your fix and cover yourself from elbow grease

Still, if you fail to do so, you can cure the flat top surface by scrubbing it with metal scrapers. You can remove the loose rust or rust particles after every batch of cooking.

The stubborn rust forming due to excessive moisture can be treated with vinegar solution and soapy water treatment, which is time-consuming work.

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6 Expert Rust Prevention Strategies

Purchasing your most desired Blackstone grill is responsible for keeping it clean, especially saving it from corrosion.


Cleaning your griddle top after every use is the first step towards a long-lasting Blackstone griddle.

Furthermore, we will explore the best ways to keep the Blackstone griddle from rusting with some amazing tips and tricks. 

1: Season your griddle surface regularly.

The seasoning process is a quick hack to enjoy your delightful meals with no more rust griddle. It is an amazing tip to prevent rust formation in the griddle seasoning the early stage.

You must coat the griddle top with a thin layer of olive oil for 20 minutes. Let the oil burn before starting the first sear. Repeat it for a couple of times. Remove excessive oil by using heat-resistant gloves.

What happens is that the oil creates a new polymer on the surface that locks oxygen and water and extends your griddle's shelf life.

Additionally, while looking for possible solutions to keep the Blackstone griddle rust-free, Reddit answers reveal that onions make the best choice for the first cook.

The charred surface top is the proof to prevent rust on the Blackstone griddle. 

2: Store your skillet in the right place.

The right place for storing your grill is the first step to safeguarding your investment.

To ensure that your griddle is rust-free, make sure that it is stored properly. Do not keep your griddle in direct sunlight, which causes the metal to rust. 

If you plan to place your grill outside, cover it well. Moreover, you can increase your grill's lifespan by keeping it from rain or snow. 

As explained earlier, moisture is the dilemma of corrosion, especially in winter. If you are curious how to keep Blackstone top from rusting in winter, store your cast iron skillet in a cool and dry place.

If you belong to a humid climate region, keep the skillet in a well-ventilated area. Moreover, prevent it from rain by using a shield or storage cover. 

3: Clean your Blackstone griddle with steel wool.

Cleaning is the basic formula for preventing rust and increasing the life of such a cookware. Removing the debris from the countertop after each use is the first step in rust prevention.

In addition, cleaning can be better performed by turning the grill off and using paper towels, steel wool, or a metal scraper.

Don't forget to wash the griddle top with soapy water, followed by complete air drying completely cool down. Once the surface is clean and dry, it lessens the corrosion chances as there is no moisture.

So, keep delighting yourself with your favorite griddle meals by increasing its service.

4: Cover your griddle surface.

Cover your grill is advice from griddle owners who have used it for years. Don't just cover the grill, but also the griddle surface properly to avoid rusting. 

Basically and technically, rust forms when the humidity gets inside, and a sure way of keeping it away is by covering the grill stone with a one-time investment in PVC cover. The protective coating will protect the surface of the griddle from dust, rain, and snow. 

5: Flip your Blackstone griddle after use.

Cleaning and storing are the basic tips everyone follows, but here we share another miraculous advice about keeping rust away from your Blackstone griddle.

Flipping the griddle top upside down after every batch of cooking is an amazing tip to enjoy the perks of freshly grilled steaks. 

6: Scrub the griddle rust with a metal scraper.

Once there is rust formation on the griddle top, it becomes difficult to clean rust revive it. You are missing out big time if you must learn to remove rust from a griddle.

Clean blackstone griddle rust, especially in winter, to improve its even heat distribution efficiency.

Start the cleaning process by simply whipping away the excess oil from the flat surface using a paper towel or wax paper. Clean flat-top grill rust with the scrubber.

Use baking soda paste on the cooking griddle surface and remove any rust spots. With wax paper, clean the surface in gentle circular motions.

Keep it clean until there is no more debris coming out. Add vegetable oil on the surface and note that it is not using too much oil. It will help prevent rust formation on the surface of the griddle until the next use.

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To sum up, Blackstone griddle is an amazing cookware to cook delicious meals for friends and family. Taking proper care of your new griddle top can increase its life a hundred times.

Start taking great care of the griddle top by cleaning, covering, and scrubbing it properly with a paper towel after every use. Moreover, you can also find tons of other products from the Blackstone company

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Pro tip:

Ultimately, we offer you the pro tip to keep blackstone griddle rust in control by adding an extra layer of oil after cooking.


Does Blackstone rust easily?

The griddle's surface can develop rust easily if exposed to a lot of water and oxygen from the air.  

How do I keep my griddle grill from rusting?

Clean blackstone griddle rust properly after every use to avoid rust and keep the skillet longer.

Scrap off extra debris and add 3-4 tablespoons of cooking oil to the top surface; wiping it off will help you retain its use.  

What oil keeps the grill from rusting?

Any cooking oil can serve the purpose of preventing the rust. We recommend using palm and grapeseed oil. 

Can you cook on a rusted Blackstone griddle?

Cooking on a rusted griddle can be tricky as it will tick the food to the whole surface. It is recommended to remove rust with a metal scraper before use.

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