Pit Boss KC Problems You Can Diagnose And Fix

May 25, 2023 3 min read

Pit Boss KC Problems

If there is one grill that Pit Boss fans have come to love, it is the KC Combo that will help you achieve the barbecue of your dreams. It is an all-in-one grill with all types of features to take your cookouts to the next level. You can use it as a gas grill, smoker, griddle, and more. 

But, with so many features, there are also certain issues that this combination can come up with. Here is what you must know about the Pit Boss KC problems and what you can do to fix them. 

smoking BBQ chicken in a pit boss KC grill

Top Pit Boss KC Problems You Might Face 

While this Combo grill is a beast, there are still some problems that users have reported facing. Some of them include the following:

1. The Fan Stays On 

Using the KC Combo grill, you will notice that the fan stays on the entire time. Remember that this is not a problem with the grill but a safety feature that the company has added for your convenience. It allows the air to circulate so that there is not a lot of buildup within the grill that can lead to a fire. 

After a certain cooking period, the fan will turn off after all the pellets have completely burned. So, you have to wait a bit, and the fan will turn off by itself. Don't turn it off while cooking; it is there for your safety. 

2. Bristles Of The Brush May Fall Short 

Whenever you buy a new grill, there will be a buildup in the ashtray when you keep using it. However, the KC Combo Grill includes a brush so that you don't have to manually clean the ash from time to time. But, some users find that the bristles fall short, and it causes the ash to drop from the tray in most cases. 

The location of the brush is also not ideal because it is located directly under the burn pot. They may shrink or melt because of all the heat that they get from the fire pot. It might not be an issue for everyone, but the company should've thought better before adding these features to the grill combo. 

3. The Bluetooth App Might Not Work On All Devices 

Pit Boss has made sure that you can easily control the KC Combo Grill through a Bluetooth app that comes with the grill. But it might not work on all devices. Many customers have reported that the application doesn't work on their phones, and it constantly shows a need to be updated when they try to use it. 

The only way to resolve this issue is to connect the app with different devices that you own in the house. It is bound to work with one of them even if it doesn’t work with your phone. Most people find this to be a process of trial and error as they keep connecting their phones. 

4. Little Or No Smoke Rings 

When you invest in a grill, you have to get nice smoke rings for the food to cook perfectly. Some customers have reported that puffs of smoke would come out of the auger while they are cooking. However, they fail to get continuous smoke, and the pellets tend to burn off quickly within the hopper. 

Barbecue enthusiasts have complained that they don't get the smoke they want from this grill combo. There are also little to no smoke rings, even after smoking the meat for several hours. There could be a few issues to let this happen. 

If you also face the same problem, we recommend that you change the brand of pellets and get high-quality pellets to see whether you get the smoke rings you are looking for. You might also want to adjust the settings to your liking to get the perfect smoke. 

Using the KC Combo Grill is a process of learning, trial, and error. You can try many things to see what works best for your cooking needs. After a while, you will get the hang of it and receive everything you want from the grill.

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Final Thoughts 

The KC Combo Grill doesn't have any drastic problems that you will experience. Some of these problems are easy to fix, and they will make sure the grill works optimally without any issues. It is important to keep these points in mind before you decide whether you want to buy the grill or not. 

If you do, then get ready to solve these issues. Any grill you purchase will come with its own set of problems, which is why you have to figure out the problems you can work with. Let us know if this guide was helpful in diagnosing the Pit Boss KC Combo problems.

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