Troubleshooting Guide: Pit Boss Temp Blinking Issue | Quick Solutions

May 24, 2023 5 min read

pit boss temp blinking

You've bought your first Pit Boss grill and are cooking some fantastic meat for your loved ones. However, suddenly, you notice that the temp light has begun blinking, and you have no idea what to do about it. The first course of action you might want to take is to check the manual and see how to fix the issue. 

After all, you don't want to disappoint your loved ones the first time you cook outdoors for them. Well, you don't need to worry because our guide will help you figure out what you need to do about the Pit Boss temp blinking. So keep reading for the solutions. 

Reasons For Blinking And What You Can Do About It 

Let's begin by understanding the different reasons that may cause the temp light to blink. This is the temperature light, which means the reason has something to do with the temperature and fire of the grill. In simple terms, it means that the temperature has dropped significantly. 

So, you need to figure out why the drop in temperature has taken place to fix the root cause of the issue. Here are some reasons that might cause this to happen:

1. The Hopper Doesn’t Have An Adequate Supply Of Pellets 

As you keep cooking food on the Pit Boss grill, you need to keep supplying enough pellets to the hopper. Inadequate pellets mean that the fire will keep on dying, and you will have to start from scratch to restart it. Remember, this can also happen if you have bought low-quality pellets that keep on dying out. 

The first thing you must do is purchase high-quality pellets to avoid this issue. Even when you have the pellets, you must add sufficient pellets to the hopper, depending on how much you cook. Once you do, the it light will not blink because of the low temperature. 

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2. Temperature Adjustment Has Gone Wrong 

Using the Pit Boss grill for the first time can be daunting, as many people have no idea what to do. You might think you have correctly set the temperature, but it may not be the case when you see the temp blinking. An important thing to ensure is that the temperature doesn't keep fluctuating too much, or the light will begin blinking. 

As the chef, you need to familiarize yourself with the different temperatures and modes. For example, when you put the Pit Boss grill on the “Cook” mode, the light will start flashing if the temperature falls below 150F. On the other hand, if you have set the grill to “Smoke” mode, then the temp light will blink when the temperature is below 110F. 

Begin by setting the mode you like, and then increase the temperature by 50F every time to get to the right one. The cooking mode will allow you to set the temperature between 200F and 500F. But, the smoking mode will let you do it between 200 and 250F. 

3. Temperature Probe Is Faulty 

Yes, even if you spend so much money on the Pit Boss grill, there is a chance that the temperature probe can turn out to be faulty. Many times, this is a problem because you failed to maintain the equipment. Cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure that you don't face these issues. 

Temperature probes can get dirty because of the buildup of grease on them. When this happens, it will not read the temperature accurately and might even start blinking. Such an issue means that the temperature will not rise even if the auger is doing what it is supposed to do. 

So, the only way to get rid of this issue is to clean the probe. A thorough and deep cleaning will allow the temperature probe to do accurate readings, which means the light will not keep blinking. 

4. There Is A Blockage In The Auger

Blockage in the auger means that your grill will not receive the fuel it needs to function optimally. Most of the time, this happens when your pellets have a lot of moisture, you haven't cleaned the grill in a while, or there is ash buildup in the burn pot. Some other reasons can also include that the gear is broken. 

First, you will have to diagnose why there is a blockage in the auger. Then, you will have to take the steps needed to get rid of the issue so that the temperature light can stop blinking. Make sure you thoroughly go through the auger to figure out where the issue lies. 

Clean out all the blockages, especially if there is ash buildup or grease around your grill. Even small steps like these will stop the light from continuously blinking. 

5. Failure Of The Auger Motor 

The auger motor is one of the most important components of your pellet grill and smoker that helps feeds the pellets from the hopper to the burn pot. But, there can be times when the motor stops functioning, which can lead to a low temperature making the lights blink. It will also cause the pellet cycle to stop. 

There are many reasons why there could be a failure of the auger motor. An example of this can be when there is a breakage of the bushing plate. In a lot of cases, the motor doesn’t completely fail, but it can also become slow. 

Whatever the case may be, it is important for you to check the health of the auger motor. This will provide you with insight into what you can do to make the temp blinking once and for all. 

6. Temperature Dial Issues

Finally, another reason for the Pit Boss temp blinking could be that you have set the temperature to high or smoking mode. When it is on these settings, there might be a chance that the grill will be unable to reach the temperature you want. It can happen for many reasons, which include the following:

  • Type of fuel you have used
  • Wind conditions 
  • Humidity 
  • Thermal features of the grill 
  • Quality of the fuel 
  • Ambient temperature 
  • And much more

Fortunately, you can fix this issue by simply adjusting the P setting to your liking. It will enable you to set the internal ambient temperature to one that will keep it going. Then, if you want to increase the temperature, you can keep doing it in small increments to ensure that the IT light doesn’t blink once you are done. 

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Final Thoughts 

These are all the reasons for the pit boss temp blinking to blink and the top things you can do to fix these issues. You must begin by inspecting the grill and diagnosing the problem. It will help you be in a much better position to decide what you need to do about the issue.

Then, you need to take all the relevant steps to make sure that this issue doesn’t happen again. If you fail to diagnose and fix the issue, you can always get in touch with Pit Boss customer support. They will help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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