Can I Grill at Home? 

ਜੂਨ 27, 2021 4 min read

Grilling meat

Summer is never fun and complete without grilling. Broad surveys showed that 75% of U.S adults own a smoker or a grill, and most grills are used all year round. The U.S. is the world's largest barbecue market. 

Can I grill at home? Yes, you can grill at home as long as in your area, there are no local ordinances restricting grilling activities. Grilling at home is one activity that offers an opportunity for family members and friends to be together.  2020 statistics show that 20% of Americans grill several times a month and 17% frequently throughout the week. 

Let’s find out how you can grill at home. This article also outlines tips for indoor grilling

What is the Best Grill to Cook on at Home? 

Most people think of a charcoal or propane grill when they hear about grilling at home. However, there is a better alternative. Electric grills are the best grills to cook on at home. 

Electric grills have been in the market for over a decade and have gone through advancement. As a result, they have proved to be pretty reliable, effective, convenient, and easy to use. If you are thinking of indoor grilling, an electric grill is an ideal choice. 

 Cooking bacon on Atgrills electric grill pan

So, what is an Electric Grill? 

It’s a type of grill that usually features a compact design and lightweight. Unlike other grills, it uses electricity as its power source and has a heating element below the cooking surface. 

Other common yet notable features of electric grills include heat control settings, temperature indicators, and non-stick cooking surfaces. 

Why Electric Grills are Ideal for grilling at Home

Millions of people continue investing in electric grills for their home use. It’s because they are better and effective than the typical grills. Below are reason electric grills stands out as the best choice to grill at home:  

1. Few Restrictions 

One thing that can discourage you from owning a grill at home or even using it despite owning one is restrictions by property owners or local authorities. In most instances, you cannot use a charcoal or gas grill in an apartment or condo because it’s restricted. 

Therefore, electric grills remain the only feasible choice if you want to enjoy grilling. They do not pose a huge risk of accidents like other typical grills do. 

2. Smokeless 

Another reason electric grills are suitable for grilling at home it’s because they are virtually smokeless. Since they have no flames, there is no presence of smoke, and when produced, it’s very minimal similar to a stovetop. 

For this reason, electric grills are suitable for indoor grilling. All you need is a flat surface in your kitchen, such as the countertop, and do your cooking.

3. Ease of Use 

Cooking on electric grills is hassle-free. All you are needed to have is your favorite recipes, electricity, and a quality electric grill. On the other hand, conventional grills require you to keep adding charcoal or gas while cooking. 

After your electric grill is connected to power and the cooking surface is preheated, you’re ready to cook. The cooking takes minutes depending on the food you’ll be cooking. Cleaning is also pretty easy. Here is our complete guide on how to grill on an electric grill. It will help you understand how easy it is. 

4. Versatility  

Grills are known to cook steaks. However, with an electric grill, you cook a variety of foods at home. They include steaks, bacon, pork chops, burgers, fish, chicken breast, shrimp, hot dogs, and more. 

It will cook some of the meals you may need any time of the day from your kitchen. That’s how convenient an electric grill is. 

Tips for Indoor Grilling 

Now that you have decided to grill at home, here are simple tips that will help you cook on an indoor electric grill. 

1. Trim excess fats 

Excess fat on your steak produces smoke. Therefore, trim excess fats from steaks to reduce smoke that could be generated while grilling. Reduced fat also means healthier foods. 

2. Preheat your grill 

Always preheat your grill for about 10-15 minutes before cooking. It prevents foods from sticking and easily forming the char marks on foods you grill. 

3. Marinate your food 

Marinating your foods is one of the ways of enhancing the flavor of foods you grill indoors. However, use your marinade in regulated amounts to avoid it floating on the grill plate. 

4. Pay attention while grilling 

Do not walk away and leave food cooking on an electric grill. Electric grill cooks very fast; thus, your food could burn if you don’t pay attention. Burning would cause smoke in your kitchen. 

5. Ventilation is important

Ensure you open your kitchen windows to allow air circulation and enough lighting. Also, electric grills are compact and lightweight; thus, you can grill on a balcony or patio. 

6. Check your power cord 

Lastly, do not expose your power cord to water. Also, unplug it from the grilling unit before cleaning. 


An electric grill is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to grill at home. It’s easy to use, smokeless, versatile, and not prone to restrictions. Additionally, electric grills are affordable and cheap to maintain. 

Following the above tips will improve your experience with indoor electric grills. As you proceed to buy an electric grill, read our guide on how to choose an electric grill. You can also check out Atgrills indoor electric grills and griddles to cook food at home on a cookware with natural stone coating.


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